Treatment Psychiatry

Areas of Expertise

In my practice, I see patients every day who struggle with a single or comorbid psychiatric conditions.  My years of clinical training and practice in Integrative Psychiatry allow me to help patients using advanced pharmacology and holistic and humanistic psychotherapy. My specific areas of interest include the diagnosis and treatment of major mood disorders (Depression and Bipolar Disorders), anxiety disorders (Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic, Social Anxiety, OCD, and PTSD), Postpartum Anxiety and Depression, Sleep Disorders, Adult ADHD, Schizophrenia, and medical conditions with psychiatric involvement.


Healing the Whole Body

One of the greatest mysteries in biology is understanding how the brain and body interact. Modern neuroscience tells us that the interactions between the two are strong and complex, with neurological, immunological, and hormonal relationships.  It therefore comes as no surprise that people with physical conditions commonly present with psychiatric conditions, or vice versa.  With these connections in mind, I treat the whole patient, acknowledging both the innate biological and environmental impacts on emotional and mental health. These are core tenets of Integrative Psychiatry.


The Ever-Evolving Brain

While it does appear that the human brain and psyche are strongly susceptible to pathology, the brain also has a tremendous ability to heal and change itself. By adapting to its conditions, it can continuously rewire the vast connections between brain cells. This process is called neuroplasticity. We can help activate this neuroplasticity by combining smart pharmacology with psychotherapy, and positively influencing human behavior through Integrative Psychiatry.  I believe that the right set of treatment modalities can help us face mental ailments in today’s ever-evolving society.

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