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Welcome to my private practice. I am a local Marin County and Bay Area Board Certified Psychiatrist, specializing in Adult and Forensic Psychiatry.  I have an office in Mill Valley and in San Francisco.  I provide comprehensive medication management and psychotherapy for those seeking psychiatric treatment. My patients benefit from psychotherapeutic care that combines several holistic and humanistic treatment modalities. I diagnose and treat a large spectrum of psychiatric conditions in my adult patients. I also provide expert psychiatric consultation in a wide range of legal settings for civil, criminal, and employment-related matters.


I describe my treatment as “Integrative Psychiatry,” which unites allopathic and complementary evidence-based practices.  Please read my treatment philosophy to learn more.


To my current and future patients, please know you are not alone; millions of Americans struggle with psychiatric conditions of varying severity.  I look forward to helping you on your path to healing. Please click here to schedule your first appointment.




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Zachary Torry, M.D.